Ten years of Agile Tour Vienna – Call for speakers has started!

On Friday 9 October we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Agile Tour Vienna! The FH Campus Wien will serve as event venue again.

Those who already attended this event know that besides the informative, entertaining and inspiring talks you will have the chance to meet people who have a lot of experience, as well as those who are new to the Agile community.

We would like to use the Agile Tour 2020 to combine the best of the past ten years with new ideas and insights. We look forward to welcoming new participants, old friends, and as always, we are motivated to create something great.

Call for Speakers

The call for speakers has started! Sessions and workshops should deal with topics from following areas:

  • Ten years of Agile Tour Vienna – How did it change your development?
  • Successful Technical Practices
  • Terrific Transformations
  • Amazing Products
  • Positive Psychology of Agility
  • Reach out – Agile beyond IT
  • Business Agility


Feel free to choose the format that suits your slot the best:

  • Classical talk
  • Interactive Session/Workshop
  • Practice Report (case studies)
  • Young Talent

Young Talent

This segment is meant for those just beginning their career and would like to give their first conference talk. In the last years we have experienced many wonderful moments with this track and are happy to give young professionals a chance to show their potential!

requirements for this track are:

  • You are under 30 years old.
  • This is your first presentation at a conference.
  • Your session format is a classical talk or a practice report.


We provide support during the preparation for the Agile Tour:

  • Feedback on your presentation, including the opportunity to work with a seasoned expert
  • Individual coaching to prepare for your session
  • Rehearsal possibility in front of a small audience to receive valuable comments and insights

Learn all you need to know on the Call for Speakers PDF.

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