Gojko Adzic

Gojko Adzic: Testing in production

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Current apps operate via cloud functions where they are distributed and interconnected. The potential built in errors are harder to identify and the consequences tend to be much worse than a bug caused by a developer. 

Tracking down and fixing such issues becomes a discipline of its own. The solution may take an eternity unless your name is Gojko Adzic or you’ve seen his contribution on this subject!

For error detection, you need a set of special techniques, tools, and observability of distributed systems. In his talk “Testing in Production” Gojko will present ways to understand these difficulties and how to protect yourself from them.

We have been working with Gojko for a long period of time and his expertise, charm, and great workshops are an enrichment for us and every attendee. If you want to understand the risks that the revolutionary cloud age brings, get your ticket and come to the Agile Tour Vienna!