Alexis Monville: How to scale Leadership for all

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Leadership is neither a role nor a status, but a mindset and set of skills that can be acquired through a combo of experimental, social and formal learning.

Being sustainable, efficient, and successful is what many companies wish for. While most try to achieve this, only very few actually stand out from their competitors. This is where Alexis Monville comes in, for he builds high impact sustainable organizations.

Alexis is a member of EMEA Leadership Team at Red Hat and has nurtured this originally small business to a large successful company in just a few years. He has a very broad background, his expertise ranging from automotive industry and public sector, to IT consulting as well as his own coaching firm.

The author of “Changing Your Team From The Inside” and “I am a Software Engineer and I am in Charge regularly speaks about leadership, organization, change, and management, and participates at industry events such as the Open Infrastructure Summit, Open World Forum, or Agile Lean Europe.

Join Alexis at the Agile Tour Vienna for his talk “How to Scale Leadership for All” where he will share his knowledge on leadership, adopting the mindset and developing the skills. You’ll have a chance to learn how to grow your own leadership potential and help others do it, too. Get your ticket now!

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